The Sikkim Renewable Energy Development Agency (SREDA) was constituted by the State Government and registered as a society on 5th March 1999. This agency was mandated with the task of promoting and popularizing renewable energy, and to also act as the State Nodal Agency for all renewable energy programmes and projects in the State.

The agency was under the administrative control of the Rural Management & Development Department until April 2016, when it was handed over to the Energy & Power Department.

Briefly, the programmes/schemes being implemented by the agency are:-

I. National Biogas & Manure Management Programme:-

Under the National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP) Family size biogas plants 2 cubic meters are constructed. Beneficiaries for this programme are selected through the recommendations of the Panchayats and after verification of criterion as stipulated in the NBMMP Programme guidelines. The programme has found wide acceptability amongst rural farmers as an affordable means of cooking and lighting alternative source of energy. . The cumulative achievement since 1985 is 6200 nos.

II. Solar Photovoltaic Programme (SPV):-

The objective of this programme is to promote solar energy for lighting and other purposes. Solar is a not only a clean source of energy but finds great use in remote rural areas which are not grid connected or having poor connectivity. However, prices of SPV devices are prohibitive and therefore solar home lighting systems and solar street lights are promoted under a subsidized scheme through this programme.The subsidized component comes as Central Financial Assistance(CFA).
The cumulative achievement under SPV programme is as under:- Solar home light - 12342 nos. Solar Street light - 2489 nos. Solar lantern - 22020 nos. Solar Study Lamps - 21900 nos.

III. Solar Power Plants:-

Under Special Area Demonstration Programme(SADP), SREDA had been sanctioned installation of a 20 kWp Solar Power Plant at State Assembly Premises, Gangtok East Sikkim. The project was completed and handed over to State Legislative Assembly, Gangtok on 26th of July 2012. Under the Jawaharlal National Solar Mission 2011-12 for Off grids Solar Applications the Ministry of New And Renewable Energy, Govt of India had sanctioned SREDA installation of six (6) nos of Solar Power Plants with an aggregate capacity of 530 kWp at various government institutions in and around Sikkim. All of the six (6) projects have been completed. For the financial year 2012-13 SREDA had been sanctioned two (2) nos of solar power plant with an aggregate capacity of 115 kWp- 64 kwp at Samman Bhawan and 51 kWp at Namchi Govt Hospital, South Sikkim. Both these projects have been completed. For the financial year 2014-15 SREDA installed a 2kWp Solar Power Plant at Ongdichi Palace Ruins, Tumlong North Sikkim.The plant caters to street lighting and internal museum spot lighting. During 2017-18 an aggregate capacity of 500 kWp Off-GRID type plants in West Sikkim was sanctioned and is still under implementation stage. The plants range from capacities of 5 kWp to 20 kWp and are to be installed at Health Centres and Government Schools in West Sikkim. A 15 kWp Plant at District & Sessions Court, East Sikkim has been completed and commissioned on March 2019.

IV. Wind Energy:

With the aim of harnessing wind energy for producing electricity SREDA has already initiated identification of potentially windy sites by setting up wind monitoring stations. Four monitoring stations were set up at Assangthang, Namchi South Sikkim, Thangu, North Sikkim and Gnathang in East Sikkim and Sadam South Sikkim. In windy areas, SREDA has installed wind-solar hybrid systems for lighting and police communications. In Sherathang, two such systems with 2kW each have been installed. For the financial year 2013-14 two sites had been identified at Pangthang, SAP complex East Sikkim and Soreng, West Sikkim. During the financial year 2013-14 SREDA installed a Solar Radiation Assessment Station at SAP, Pangthang, East Sikkim in order to establish feasibility of solar radiation in the state.

V. Micro Hydro:-

SREDA has been mandated for implementation of micro hydel projects upto 500 kW. A pilot project of SREDA began with the implementation of 10kw micro hydel project in Karek village, south Sikkim. A total of 92 houses were electrified in Karek village. In Bhanjhakri Falls Energy Park, 7 kW micro hydel plant was installed to supplement the electricity need of the park. A 20 kW plant in Ghor village in North Sikkim was commissioned in May 2012 and one in Hee-Bermiok village in West Sikkim of 25 kW.

VI. Solar Thermal Applications

SREDA has installed a total of 22600LPD solar water heating systems in Sikkim. Recently, 1500 LPD solar water heating systems are installed in State Central Prison, Rongyek East Sikkim in 2021.



Sl No Solar Power Plants Capacity
1 State Institute of Capacity Building, Karfectar, South Sikkim 100 kWp
2 State Institute of Rural Development, Karfectar, South Sikkim 100 kWp
3 State Institute of Hotel Management, Rumtek, East Sikkim 100 kWp
4 Raj Bhawan, Gangtok, East Sikkim 30 kWp
5 Sikkim Government College, Namchi, South Sikkim 100 kWp
6 Sikkim Government College, Gangtok, East Sikkim 100 kWp
7 Samman Bhawan, Gangtok, East Sikkim 64 kWp
8 District Hospital, Namchi, South Sikkim 51 kWp
9 Sikkim Legislative Assembly, Gangtok 20 kWp
10 Ongdichi Palace, Tumlong 2 kWp
11 Common Service Centre, Lachen  2 kWp
12 Common Service Centre, Lachung 2 kWp
13 Deorali Girls’ School, Gangtok 6 kWp
14 SREDA Office, Gangtok 6 kWp
15 District and Sessions Court, Gangtok, East Sikkim 15 kWp
TOTAL 698 kWp
AFTER 2016

Sl No Solar Power Plants Capacity
1 District and Sessions Court, Namchi 20 kWp
2 Court of the Civil-Judge-cum-Judicial Majistrate, Rangpo 5 kWp
3 Court of the Civil-Judge-cum-Judicial Majistrate, Soreng 20 kWp
4 Court of the Civil-Judge-cum-Judicial Majistrate, Rongli 10 kWp
5 District and Sessions Court, Gyalshing 20 kWp
6 District and Sessions Court, Gangtok, East Sikkim 15 kWp
7 SREDA Office, Gangtok 3 kWp
8 District and Sessions Court, Mangan 20 kWp
TOTAL 113 kWp
Micro Hydel Projects

Sl No Location Capacity
1 Karek, South Sikkim 10 kW
2 Ban Jhakri Falls 9 kW
3 Gor 20 kW
4 Hee-Bermiok 25 kW